J.M. Canty Inc.

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Canty is a Process Engineering company with locations in Buffalo NY USA, Dublin, Ireland & Phuket, Thailand. We are the world leaders in the manufacture of vessel lighting, vessel sight glasses, vessel cameras, high temperature cameras, and imaging based particle sizing systems for a variety of industries including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Glass, Food, Foundries & Metal, Mining and more. Canty’s goal is to provide novel equipment to solve some of the most difficult challenges in process control. Our unique imaging systems have solved some of the Oil & Gas industry's biggest challenges. Molten level, slag monitoring, rebar length and cobble detection, among others, are some of the metal industry processes controlled by our cameras. Additionally, Canty uses dynamic imaging in order to measure particle size and shape of powder metals by our SolidSizer and MiniFlow Cell, replacing the need for sieving.

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